Agricultural Gearbox

The agricultural gearbox plays a significant role in agricultural equipment, as it is used throughout the food production process. As the population continues to increase and the need for food increases, the gearboxes that power agricultural equipment will be needed more than ever. Also, crop cycles will be shorter and heavier, which will place an even greater burden on gearboxes. The need for quality replacement gearboxes will only increase as there will be more agricultural equipment on the road.

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Agricultural Machinery Gearbox

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Worm Screw Jack

Worm Screw Jack

Agricultural PTO gearboxes are typically designed for use with group 2 to group 3.5 gear pumps. They work by increasing drive speed from the tractor's PTO to a higher speed that suits a hydraulic pump. PTO gearboxes typically work with EP80 gear oil. It is important to keep in mind that regular oil changes will extend the life of the unit. In addition, if you need to replace the gear oil in your PTO gearbox, you should consult your tractor's owner's manual.